Foundation for Education Reform and Accountability

Statement on Secret Agreements Reached to Sidestep Teacher Evaluations

For Immediate Release:
Monday, April 22, 2013

B. Jason Brooks, Director of Research (518) 383-2598

Statement by B. Jason Brooks, Director of Research:

“The revelations made public today that teachers unions and local school boards in New York State, including those in Buffalo and Rochester, have reached secret agreements to sidestep their new teacher evaluation programs after receiving state approval are an unacceptable breach of the public’s trust, harm students by putting tens of millions of dollars in state and federal funding at risk, and guts the intent of the reform which is to improve teacher quality. It’s shameful that New York’s teachers unions and their willing school board partners continue to put protecting the jobs of the state’s worst-performing teachers ahead of improving the quality of education for our students.”


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