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Single Sex Education


Key Facts on Single Sex Public Schools (2008-09 School Year)
October 2008
This summary provides key facts of stand-alone (exclusively all-boys or all-girls) single sex public schools in the U.S., including the number of schools, their recent growth, operators (districts or charters), location, impact of Title IX, and marketshare.

Famous Alumni of Single Sex Schools
October 2008
A list of successful, influential individuals who were the beneficiaries of single sex education shows the potential that single-gender education holds for preparing students for the future.  Famous alumni include Jane Addams, Madeline Albright, Joseph Biden, Hillary Clinton, Michael Douglas, Betty Frieden, John F. Kennedy, Herman Melville, Gwyneth Paltrow, George Plimpton, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, among others.

Quotations on Single Sex Education
September 2008
The benefits of single sex education are recognized by diverse group of individuals, including elected officials, researchers and academics, lawyers, and supreme court justices.

The Growth of Single Sex Public Schools in the U.S.
April 2008
While there are two all-girls public schools that have remained open in the U.S. since the nineteenth century, and all of the other 47 stand-alone single sex public schools in operation have opened since 1996.  The first all-boys school wasn’t opened until 2000.

Directory of Single Sex Public Schools in the U.S. (2007-08 School Year)
April 2008
This directory provides a listing of the 26 all-girls and 24 all-boys public schools operating in the U.S. during the 2007-08 school year.  The directory includes information on when the school was opened, the grades served, the school type (district or charter), and websites where more information is available.

In the Wake of Title IX Regulations: Shuttered Single Sex Schools and Classes
April 2008
Thanks to the federal No Child Left Behind Act, single sex public education has flourished in the U.S. in recent years, but prior to revised Title IX regulations, some public schools offering single-gender learning environments faced lawsuits that forced them to end their programs.

A Summary of Research on the Benefits of Single Sex Education
September 2006
Academic research shows that single education has a positive impact on students academically and socially, and studies have shown benefits for both male and female students, as well as at-risk student populations.