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Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind


Analysis Identifies Weak Teacher Reforms Proposed in New York’s Race to the Top Application
March 18, 2010
An analysis of New York’s Race to the Top application found a couple significant holes that are detrimental to the overall plan.  To bring about real reform and improve the quality of public educational across the state, New York leaders should improve the Race to the Top proposal and resubmit for Round Two.

Survey of New York City Parents: Strong Support for Increased Parental Options and Klein Gets Ready to Overhaul School System
December 19, 2002
New York City parents strongly back key elements of a new federal law granting them the right to choose better public schools for their children, according to a new survey.  A majority of parents identify “improving our schools” as the number one priority facing the City, surpassing crime, the economy, tackling the city’s budget troubles, and rebuilding Ground Zero.  The FERA Parent Survey is the first comprehensive attempt to gauge parental support and knowledge about parental-choice options in New York City under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Press Releases

Statement of New York Winning Federal Race to the Top Funding for Proposed Education Reforms
August 24, 2010
In order for New York’s proposed Race to the Top reforms to have a serious chance of improving student achievement over the long haul, superintendents, school boards, teachers unions, and the like will need to abandon the status quo and work together at the local level to put new programs in place that deliver results.

New Failing Schools List Grows by 19 Percent
September 5, 2003
The number of failing public schools in New York State (outside of New York City) increased by 19 percent from the past year.  The federal No Child Left Behind Act requires New York to identify chronically-low performing schools each year and children enrolled in these school are given the right to transfer to better schools or to receive free supplemental educational services such as after-school tutoring.

Only Five Percent of Eligible Buffalo Students Receiving Tutoring: More Children Should Be Enrolled; More Providers Needed
June 19, 2003
Although nearly 12,000 low-income students attending poorly-performing public schools in Buffalo are eligible to receive tutoring, the city school district has enrolled only 5 percent of these students in programs that provide this needed help.  To help improve the academic performance of these students, the district needs to get all eligible students enrolled in tutoring programs, and dozens of qualified private education service providers must be immediately approved to handle these thousands of students.

27 Entire School Districts Declared “Failing”
June 18, 2003
Dramatically poor student performance throughout certain New York public school districts has caused 27 entire districts to be labeled as “failing.”  Districts identified as “in need of improvement” include the state’s large urban districts known as the “Big 5” – Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers, and New York City – as well three districts on Long Island and eight update districts.  The federal No Child Left Behind Act, which required the assessments of schools, also required states to identify entire school districts that need improvement based on two consecutive years of low test results.

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