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Raising Math Achievement in New York State? A Review of the New York State Math Standards Committee Report for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 (pdf)
January 10, 2005
This Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability study finds that a proposal to revise New York’s elementary and middle-school mathematics standards fall short in a number of key areas and jeopardizes the ability to ensure the competency of New York’s students.  The report found that rather than improving math instruction in New York, several of recommendations under consideration by the Board of Regents will likely steer the state in the wrong direction.  Recommendations that fall short include delaying the implementation of state assessments required under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, a failure to define the educational requirements and qualifications for math teachers, and an over-reliance on the use of calculators in the primary grades.  Strong recommendations include developing detailed grade-by-grade math learning standards, realigning the content among grades to promote deeper study of specific disciplines within mathematics, and clarifying the language of the standards to remove any ambiguity.

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