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Analysis of Albany Public Charter and District Student Proficiency Rates on New York State English Language Arts Exams
May 25, 2010
An examination of student proficiency rates shows that Albany public charter school students outperformed district students in five out of the six tested grade levels and that performance gaps between public charters and traditional district schools have grown over time.

Grading Albany Schools (pdf)
November 2008
As the Times Union and Metroland have reported, Albany parents face a complicated and frustrating process in selecting and enrolling their children in good public schools.  Recognizing these challenges, the Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability created an easy-to-understand report card that evaluates schools based on academic performance and school environment.  The A through F letter grades – taken from similar letter-grade systems used to evaluate schools in New York City and Florida – provide Albany parents with an useful measurement of how local schools are performing and aid in the decision-making process of where to send their children.  As the report card shows, nearly all of Albany’s district schools are struggling, with just one school earning a B, four schools earning C’s, and the remaining ten earning D’s and F’s.

Press Releases

New Graduation Data Shows Albany District Students Left Behind
June 14, 2010
The State Education Department released data on high school graduation rates and college preparedness that demonstrate the continued failure of the Albany City School District to adequately prepare students for careers or college. Of the total 703 students who started grade 9 in 2006, just one in six (15 percent) graduated on time prepared for college.

Albany Stands in the Way of Real Reform: District Gets a "D" and Ranks Near Bottom of Study’s List
August 25, 2010
The Albany city school district fails miserably to support an environment friendly to education reform, according to a new report released by a national panel of education-reform experts. The report gave Albany a letter-grade of D and ranked 23rd in a study of the nation’s 25 largest cities plus five smaller cities labeled "hotbeds of reform."

Albany High School Identified as a ‘Dropout Factory’
October 30, 2007
Dramatically low high school retention rates have caused an independent analysis to identify Albany High School as a “dropout factory.”  The Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability’s review of the study found that only 15 public high schools in Upstate New York share this designation.  In Albany, the odds of graduating are about the same as the flip a coin.

State Comptroller Exposes Albany School District for Dramatically Underreporting Violent Incidents
May 22, 2006
An audit by the state comptroller on the underreporting of violent incidences in New York schools ahs singled out the Albany City School District as one of the state’s most egregious offenders and that Albany High School should have been placed on the state’s list of persistently dangerous schools.  State auditors found that 780 violent incidents were not reported at the school during 2003-04.

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