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Grading Education: Making New York’s Schools More Accountable (pdf)
March 2007
New York’s renewed interest in overhauling its educational accountability system holds a great deal of promise, however, the current system simply is not designed nor equipped to deliver the level of accountability that is needed.  The report provides a history of accountability in New York, provisions in place under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, and a summary of reforms proposals being considered in New York.  Six key recommendations are made, including measuring student academic growth over time, making the accountability transparent and understandable to the public at large, fairer and more accurate labeling of schools based on their academic results, eliminating conflicts of interest in the scoring of state assessments, shrinking the turnaround time for reporting results, and providing real incentives and consequences for schools.

Press Releases

National Science Exam Reveals New York’s Largest-In-The-Nation Performance Gap
January 25, 2011
State results on the national science exam released today by the U.S. Department of Education reveal the disturbing and concerning state of education in New York. New York is tied for the largest Black-White performance gap in the nation in 8th grade. New York also has the second largest gap nationally between 8th grade students from low-income families and students from non-low-income families.

Statements on New York’s NAEP Results in Math
October 14, 2009
Results of the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in math show that New York State made “no significant change” in academic performance since 2007.  The results are contrary to state exam results which have shown significant progress, demonstrating that state exams have been watered down.

Statement on Approval of Contracts for Excellence
November 19, 2007
New York’s well-intentioned Contracts for Excellence attempt to hold schools accountable for at least some of their spending.  Unfortunately, there are no meaningful repercussions under the plans for any district that fails to improve.

Statement on New NAEP Results Released Today
November 15, 2007
With twice as many students scoring proficient on New York State exams as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), it’s clear that state exams have been dumbed-down and are an unreliable indicator of whether or not a student is prepared to succeed academically.

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